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Being able to capture a sliver of stillness, chaos, or celebration is what makes that tingly feeling rush through my body + mind. From the in-between messy to the perfect moment in time that cannot be duplicated, that's the stuff I live for. Give me all the simple moments that hold the most value - kisses on finger tips, breathing in serenity on the top of a mountain, and hugs from the salty waves at dusk. I'm not here for the staged moments, because we all know that life is far from that


I am so much more than a photographer. Really nice photos are great, but I want you to connect with me on a higher level. The experience is what I truly want you to remember, not just a "photoshoot". I am an open book with you, because you deserve it. I want you to come out of our time together loving your partner, family, or life even more.


I was born and raised in the city of Miami, Florida. I’m a part-time mermaid (I’ve got a siren tattoo) who also loves to scale mountains and hike on her weekends off. I crave all types of nature - from the sand bars in the Florida Keys to the deserts in Utah, I am inspired by it all.


My pups, Frankie + Chewie, are my pride and joy. I love to tend to my plant babies until I accidentally kill them, canoe in the Keys on the weekends, practice my shuffling to some house + techno, share my love for essential oils + non-toxic living, and surround myself with people that fuel me & that I love.





Dog mom - Aries - Shuffler - Oily babe

Danielle Margherite

A couple of years ago, I was so lost as to where to begin with starting out my photography career. I was overwhelmed with YouTube videos and knew that I had to put myself out there and get up from my office chair. I thankfully had a mentor that lent me a hand, but also threw me into the wolves (BEST way to learn!). That's what I'm here for! I offer mentorship meetings + scheduled shoots so we can get the ball rolling in your photography career. I offer "shadowing" during my sessions so you can truly immerse yourself and see what a photoshoot is all about!

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