Below is a few presets you can find in the preset section

Make sure to download the presets on your computer.

Once you purchase the preset, here’s the instructions for getting the presets in your lightroom app:

1: click on the attachment and download it - this will be a .DNG file

2: select the file and then email it to yourself or airdrop them to your phone!

3: when you open them on your phone, the files will come up either grey, white or black, that’s normal! 

4: next, import the photo into the lightroom app. the photos should come up and you should now be able to see the title of each preset! 

5: click on the preset and then in the upper right hand corner, where there are 3 dots, select “copy settings”. make sure every box is checked! 

6: copy the settings and go to the photo you want to put the preset on. click the upper right hand corner of that photo and press "paste settings" !!! and adjust the photo as needed! 


Here is a little video to help if you need more of a visual.


all natural + plant based living

Vibes + Valor

presets for all your adventures


Do you need a custom preset for your business?

With branding your business about 65% of small businesses use the same preset to keep everything looking + feeling you & bring a connected flow. I can help create the mood you are looking for.

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