"It's hard to explain how amazing the pictures turned out...we feel like we're reliving the best weekend of our lives every time we look through them"

Alexis + Tom, 2019

hey there!

I'm Danielle

I am a photographer,
 lover of weddings, and a storyteller

Nice to meet you! Most days you’ll find me in my office with my pup on my lap, a smile on my face, and a cold coffee somewhere in reach (I never seem to drink it while it’s still hot!). My camera? It’s the vehicle I use to tell love stories like yours. I’m that girl who still watches random wedding videos on YouTube, well, just because it fills me with so much love and inspiration. I’m a mom to a sassy
dachshund named Frankie, and a friend to my brides. I’m the girl who will help your grandma with her lipstick, bustle your gown, 

I take ordinary moments that are gone in the blink of an eye and turn them into extraordinary 
heirlooms. The kind of photos that transport 
you the minute you hold them in your hands. I am a photographer, lover of weddings, and a storyteller. I’ve seen the entire process of planning a wedding first hand, and I know now that long after the cake has been eaten, and your dress has been hung, your photos will be one of the only things that remains after your special, precious day. These are your first heirlooms as a new family, so please choose someone who will cherish them as much as you 

What makes me different

Let’s be honest: I’m a quiet, to-myself, let me stay behind the scenes, not your typical type of Miami gal. I’ve been served “humble pie” my whole life, but if this is the only chance I get to make an impression on you, you better believe I’m going to take it and make it memorable! I know that you have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing your photographer for your wedding day! There is talent oozing out of every city, every town in this state; and yet here you are reading this (this ‘zine pairs well with champagne, so if your hand is empty, go fill it!).

My wedding couples still choose me as their photographer after the “I do’s” are said and done with. And with most of these couples, I become their “forever” photographer and get to watch their families grow. Why? Because I care. I take clients and turn them into close friends. Throughout your entire wedding day, I am watching everything unfold and documenting moments that I know you will cherish for years to come, moments you might not even see happen.

I’m living your day through your eyes and capturing 
it in a way that will give you the ability to relive it 
for years to come. Every little hand grab, tear shed, dance move…. You’ll get those shots (and hundreds more) because your wedding day is filled with tiny moments, tiny details, with one beautiful love story interwoven through every single frame. That story? It’s yours. Let me tell it.

5 tips for a


wedding day

Let’s talk through five tips to help 
facilitate a stress-free wedding day!

After witnessing and taking part in many weddings, I feel like I have truly seen it all. Let me be honest in telling: my clients are amazing. They are the best of the best, the cream of 
the crop, the people I feel fortunate to know. 
In working with the best, I need to be the best. 

It’s all about guiding my couples through the complicated / stressful / crazy process of 
planning the biggest, most important day of your life. No biggie, right? Wrong. So, let’s talk through five tips to help facilitate a stress-free wedding day, shall we?

Schedule Strategically

Your ceremony time will direct how the day will lead. If it’s easy, great, you can do your photos in between that and cocktail hour, but if your ceremony flows into your cocktails, well, you should probably consider a first look. My goal? To have everyone present for as much of cocktail hour as possible. Why? The answer is two-fold. One: you are paying for it, so you might as well enjoy it. Two: it’s one of the only times you get to greet and be present with your guests. Work with your photographer, find out how long they need for certain things, schedule in travel time, and add a little cushion! 

Prep ahead of time

When your photographer shows up, you want them to get right to work. How do you do this? By preparing ahead of time. What should you prepare? Well, anything you want photographed. For my brides, I tell them to have their: dress, shoes, jewelry, full invitation suite, all of the rings, any family heirlooms, and any other bridal details they want photographed. When I start shooting, I begin with styling these details that help tell your wedding story. If you don’t have things ready, I’ll be wasting time tracking them down (when I could be making them pretty and shooting!) The more prepared you are, the better – for 

Communicate Clearly

Need your grandma to the church early? Want your 
wedding party to hang around after the ceremony? Need your friends ready for a shot during cocktail hour? Tell them! Make sure you communicate the schedule clearly and that everyone who needs it has it. This helps us not waste time tracking Uncle Jim down or grabbing Bobby from the bar. Photos move much faster, and when that happens you get to your party sooner and you’re less stressed, I promise. 

Make time for Photos

I urge my couples to do first looks for multiple reasons. First, it gives you the chance to soak it in, embrace, and experience the emotions without hundreds of pairs of eyes on you. Second, it allows us to knock out the posed photos so we can cruise through the festivities with candid shots that you’ll love. Lastly, it gives me the chance to sneak into your reception during cocktail hour and photograph all of the hard work you’ve done! From florals to seating charts, gift tables to cakes, when you give me 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time to
 photograph these details, all of the work and money you’ve spent making your vision come to life is 

Just be Present

Wait, what? You don’t believe when everyone tells you that a wedding day is a total whirlwind? Well, it is. Take moments where you stop, hold each other’s hands, and intentionally take in the moments. When I shoot portraits of my clients, I make sure it’s private and I tell them, “This isn’t just time for photos, this is a time for you to be fully present. To hug each other and feel the warmth, to look into each other’s eyes and lock that memory, to kiss like you’re 15 and never kissed before…” You get the idea. Throughout the day, set aside little breaks in your 
schedule where you can pull away from the party and 
just simply “be.” You won’t regret that time, I promise!
I truly believe that wedding days are living, moving, breathing phenomena. They are here and gone in the blink of an eye. It’s important to set yourself up for 
success and to ease any stress ahead of time so that 
as you float through your day you aren’t focused on the details or the flowers, not on the cake or the music, but you’re focused on the union, the marriage that is 
beginning. I want you to experience - not just plan - 
a marriage more beautiful than your wedding day. If you put these five tips to work, you’ll be on your way to a stress-free day!


Your photographer
 is an investment

Every wedding is unique, just like you. Being your photographer 
is a job I take seriously (and let’s face it, hire me and you’ll have an extra bridesmaid who happens to be holding a camera!).

Instead of bundling goods and services into pretty little 
packages, I want to give you the opportunity to build your own collection of items that will make sure your wedding day is 
captured perfectly, just the way you want it.

Your photographer is an investment - “investment” is indeed the right word for it, becuase in truth, your photos and your heirloom album will live on for generations to enjoy. Once the cake is eaten, the dress pressed and hung, and the guests back home, your photographs will endure to be revisted again and again, bringing back all the emotions! Ready to make the best 
investment of your life?

These images will be your first family heirloom,
living on for many generations to enjoy

- 2 photographers
10 hours of coverage
- 1 hour engagement session
- online gallery ready to share, save and print
 - High Resolution Digital Images for Print 

in a personalized, wooden USB jewel box


- 2 photographers
8 hours of coverage

- 1 hour engagement session
- online gallery ready to share, save and print
 - High Resolution Digital Images for Print 

in a personalized, wooden USB jewel box



- 2 photographers
6 hours of coverage

- 1 hour engagement session
- online gallery ready to share, save and print
 - High Resolution Digital Images for Print 

in a personalized, wooden USB jewel box

"the basics"

recommended for small gatherings and couples who wish to capture ceremony & reception


Best Friends

Friends Forever

Now that you’ve got your base collection covered, let’s add some awesome extras!

Engagement Session (included)
Extra hour of coverage
Boudoir Session

VIDEO (photography included)

6 hours............................... $6,450

8 hours............................... $8,000

10 hours.............................. $9,200

There is no better way to show off your beautiful photographs than with your own beautiful wedding album.
I create clean, stunning, timeless albums that show and tell your love story for years to come.
It’s pretty clear that I will obsess over your images and take the best ones of the day and arrange them into a layout that is sure to leave you swooning.

Each album is 
customizable to match exactly what you are looking for.
For a price quote, please contact Danielle.

Coffee Table Albums Starting at $300

Your images deserve a place in your lives beyond just your computer screen! When you order prints, they will be printed on the highest-quality photographic paper. The rates listed below will be the same rates that are in your online viewing and ordering gallery. All prints are finished with a lustre coating to protect your photos from aging and fingerprints. 
Additional sizes available upon request.

4 x 6.............................. $6

5 x 7............................... $8

8 x 10............................. $12

11 x 14............................ $21

16 x 24........................... $88

Add Ons

a la carte

Base rates include travel within 1 hour of zip code 33173. For travel outside of that area, ask me for details.







"the most popular"

recommended for couples that wish to capture bits of every part of the day - getting ready, first look, ceremony, & reception

"the full day"

recommended for couples wishing to capture every detail til the very end - thinking of doing a dreamy send off? this is for you!

"the basics"

recommended for small gatherings and couples who wish to capture ceremony & reception

6 tips for a

engagement session


Let’s take some beautiful, casual
pictures to celebrate your love!

Oh me, oh my! Your left hand has been getting in a workout ever since your fiance put that beautiful rock on it, and you are oozing with 
excitement at the thought of wedding planning! Sound at all like you? If it does, congrats girlfriend! Now let’s take some beautiful, 
casual pictures to celebrate!

Your engagement photos are a celebration 
of your love for each other, taken in a safe
place without lots of pressure. I think 
engagement sessions are such an important part of wedding photography, and I’ve written this article to ensure you have the perfect 
engagement session with your love!

Session Vision

When you think of your engagement session, what do you 
visualize? An open field? Urban brick? A swaying palm tree? What is it that you feel suits the two of you? Are there any special locations that might be ideal for your engagement shoot? If not, don’t fret, darling! It’s not about where you are but who you are with. A lot of my brides leave the location up to me - which means I get to scope out spots ahead of time! The way I shoot, the focus is on the two of you and your beautiful faces, not the background. However, if there is a place that’s unqiuely special to the two of you, or you’d like to include a family heirloom, a pet, or something else that’s meaningful, I am here to help you incorporate it into your images!

Fashion + Wardrobe

Don’t feel like you need to go on a mega shopping spree for your session (but if you can, more power to ya, girlfriend!) I want you to be comfortable - I want you to connect with your images - so if you are a jeans and tee kinda gal, then rock it with a fun color! My couples bring an outfit change to their session. Most choose for a dressier option (read: flowy maxi dress) and a casual option (read: jeans and a fun shirt). I made a little Pinterest board for inspiration for you kids, but I am always open to chat wardrobe (hello, I am a girl who loves 
to shop!). Don’t feel like you have to go for plain classics the entire time. Have fun with color, texture, and prints! This is to remember this special time in your lives, so don’t limit yourself! 

Pro Hair + Makeup

I cannot stress this enough, girls! Really! Professional hair and makeup make a world of a difference. As a photographer, it 
excites me to know my gals are spending a day getting pampered before their session. It allows you to relax, feel beautiful, and confident! Nothing like a set of lashes to bring out your inner model. Consider using this time as a test run with your makeup artist and use your session as a time to evaluate your wedding day look and how it photographs. Ladies, if you can swing it, please consider getting your hair & makeup done for your session! I promise you it will make a world of a difference and you will look and feel absolutely glamorous. Oh, and I’m right here if you need any recommendations!

All about timing

Timing is everything for your session. As a natural light photographer, I plan my engagement sessions around the lighting of the day. I usually begin them an hour and a half prior to sunset, which will allow for an outfit change and a location change while shooting during the golden hour. Being on time ensures that we do not cut into your session time, so showing up on time and ready will help yield great results! Once the sun goes down, there isn’t much we can do, so staying on track with timing and lighting is the best way to ensure gorgeous images. This also means that at times we may have to reschedule due to weather. You only get to do this once, so ensuring the environment is perfect will give you beautifully lit images!

Trust Me

This is the whole reason you chose your photographer, right? Because they know the best lighting, the best poses, and the best techniques to make you two look and feel like supermodels. Now it’s time for you to take a deep breath and trust the person you chose to do their best work with you. The more trust you place in them, the more free they will be to create the types of images that you’ll love the most. You’re going to feel uncomfortable, awkward, and alllllll the things! But in-between those little moments of awkwardness come total gems of authentic interactions that can only happen when two people are in love. Relinquish the control, give trust out freely, and let go of your expectations! 

Just have Fun

This is such an exciting time in your lives. I know that engagement sessions can seem nerve wrecking but it’s important to go in with an open mind and the ability to laugh. I want you two to flirt your brains out, love each other, and just have fun. We will laugh a lot, I will help pose you. Your only job: snuggle in close, bat your eye lashes, and laugh until your belly aches. It’s going to be fun, we might finish the session with a bottle of wine, and I promise you that you will love seeing these beautiful images of the two of you for years to come. Engagement sessions are the perfect time to hang out with your photographer, get comfortable in front of the camera, and flirt with your soon-to-be spouse! What more could a girl ask for?

Client Love

I would not be all that I am without my amazing 
clients. Many of the couples I work with end up keeping in touch long after the wedding day and become my close friends, and I am incredibly grateful I know I’ve talked a lot in this magazine about who I am and what I do, but now it’s time 
to let others do some of the telling! 

Working with so many wonderful, amazing 
people with beautiful love stories to tell has been one of the biggest gifts of my life. It has brought meaning to my work in a way I didn’t dream possible. Here are just a few testimonials from real clients who have allowed me to be a part of the most important day of their life.

Sasha + Brian

Danielle is not only very talented but she is such a kind human being. That is so important when it comes to the people involved on your most special day. She really went out of her way to meet me in my neighborhood, bought me a coffee and had girl talk for about an hour. She is someone you want to be friends with. She did this just to get to know me and my vibe and what I wanted and what was important to me. We kept in contact almost everyday and she would answer silly little questions I had even unrelated to photography, wedding day she was so amazing and calm through the busy rush and chaos. The wedding day was so fast and such a blur for me. I was afraid how the pictures would come out. But wow I was left impressed by the quantity and quality of the photos. Moments in the day so beautifully captured. Photos of my son and husband getting ready. Just absolutely precious memories. I don’t have enough walls for the photos I want to put up!

Stephany & Chris

Danielle is amazing to work with! We did a shoot with her July of 2018 and from that moment we knew that we wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Her personality and ability to tell you what to do with such ease and make you look like a movie star, when you really have no clue what you're doing, is unparalleled in my humble opinion. She has an artistic eye and the day of the wedding knew exactly where to go, what light would be perfect for the shot, and even how to get our doggie to look like she was calm. I cannot stress how wonderful Danielle and her team were and how beautiful our pictures have come out so far. Worth every penny and more.

Let's create forever memories

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